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Nature: Defenders of the Wild


Nature: Defenders of the Wild


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DVD 1. Kusasi and Snowflake-Their remarkable stories captured the hearts and imagination of the world! Meet international celebrities Kusasi and Snowflake. Julia Roberts is featured in From Orphan to King, the fascinating saga of how Kusasi, orphaned and kidnapped as an infant, turned misfortunes into triumph to become King of the Orangutans. Snowflake: The White Gorilla, profiles the world's only known white gorilla, and takes a fascinating look at the dramatic changes in our relationships with the great apes entrusted to our care. DVD 2. Tall Blondes-Lynn Sherr, award-winning correspondent for ABC TV's 20/20, hosts. Based on her book, Tall Blondes, this personal odyssey takes a surprising look at the magnificent giraffe. From Kenya to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, thrill to exciting footage as you fall in love with the giraffe DVD 3. Pale Male-Of the millions of newcomers who flock to New York City, a red-tailed hawk s astounding arrival in 1991 made history. Affectionately dubbed Pale Male, he made an exclusive Fifth Avenue apartment building his home and became an instant celebrity. Oscar-winner Joanne Woodward narrates. DVD 4. Cloud-Wild Stallion of the Rockies. Prog. 1 - Cloud-Wild Stallion of the Rockies - Cloud is a wild horse of almost pure white. From the day of his birth in the Rockies, he enthralled Ginger Kathrens who began to follow his story in the Arrowhead Mountains over the course of seven years. This first of two films documents the challenges he faces on the way to maturity and sheds light on the complexities of wild horse society. Prog. 2-Cloud's Legacy-The Wild Stallion Returns-In this second film, Ginger Kathrens unveils the next two years of her Cloud chronicles. Cloud is now a band stallion, with a family to care for. Extra Feature: My Life With Cloud. DVD 5. Chimpanzees-An Unnatural History - We enlisted them in the space race and the fight against AIDS. Meet the rescuers at sanctuaries like Fauna Foundation, Save the Chimps, and Center for the Great Apes, who are determined to see that the residents can finally be allowed to feel like chimps. DVD 6. Shark Mountain-Husband and wife underwater filmmakers Howard and Michele Hall risked the dangers of the ocean, and explored its mysteries. They take you along on the expedition of a lifetime to Cocos Island. World famous for its sharks, this tiny outpost 300 miles into the Pacific off the coast of Central America, once a haven for pirates, now hosts thousands of sharks and fantastic creatures gather in the currents beyond the reach of humans.

Nature: Defenders of the Wild

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